Safer, Smarter, Stronger: Spokane’s State of the City

By Paige Browning

Spokane Mayor David Condon has hit his two year mark in office, and just in time he’ll give his annual state of the city address. The public will hear a lot about public safety, which Condon says shaped his first two years at mayor.
Much like other annual addresses, we’re likely to hear the mayor’s key phrases and topics: ‘becoming the safest city of our size’, ‘being the city of choice’, and aligning the budget with citizen’s priorities. Mayor Condon says he will speak to the accomplishments from the last two years, like successes in public safety.
Condon: “25 new police officers will be on our force. By the end of the month we will be well over 290. Our crime rate citywide is down we’re focusing our efforts on those areas that we still are having trouble.” 
And, Condon will talk a lot about vision 20/20, a six year plan for the city. He says it focuses on the city becoming safer, stronger, and smarter.
Condon: “We will be talking significantly about the continued implementation of the use of force recommendations… we will be implementing body cameras, we will be implementing the ombudsman commission, we will be implementing the tracking of our interactions by race and ethnicity.”
But one of the recommendations has been contentious for the city, and that is whether a proposed ordinance gives the police ombudsman independent investigation authority. The city council will give their verdict on the ordinance February 10th.
Mayor Condon is also prepared to talk about the city budget, initiatives, and about a new challenge for residents to get Spokane named as a ‘city of compassion’. He speaks to students of North Central high school Thursday morning, then welcomes the public to North Central for his official state of the city. Doors open at 5:00 pm Thursday for viewing STEM science projects, and Condon gives his address at 6:00. He also gives the address Friday morning for Greater Spokane Incorporated.

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