Record $22 Million Behind Anti GMO-Labeling Vote

By Paige Browning

Corporate involvement in Washington state’s food labeling initiative just got even pricier. Monday, Biotechnology giant Monsanto Company gave another $540,000 to the campaign against labeling genetically modified foods. That’s just a drop in the bucket compared to Monsanto’s initial donation of four-point-eight million dollars to the no-campaign.

Initiative 522 would require that foods with genetically engineered ingredients have that notice on their label. The 'No on 522' campaign has raised almost $22 million. It’s a record for the most money raised in an initiative campaign in the state’s history.

Contributors in support of food labeling have raised about $6.8 million. Supporters say consumers have a right to know whether their food contains GMO ingredients, and encourage more study into the health impacts from GMOs. Opponents, backed by the $22 million, say labels would cost farmers, food processors and consumers.
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