Washington Governor Undecided On GMO Initiative

By Austin Jenkins

It’s the hottest issue on Washington’s fall ballot: an initiative to require labeling of genetically engineered foods. But Washington Governor Jay Inslee, a Democrat, says he hasn’t decided how he’ll vote on Initiative 522.

Jay Inslee: “I have looked at the scientific literature and it’s quite consistent to show that there’s no observable nutritional health impacts with GMO foods and I think there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence in that regard. But I do know many of my constituents would want to have information about that so I need to think about this a little bit more.”

Inslee says he will vote “no” on the other measure on Washington’s November ballot. Initiative 517 would give ballot measure sponsors more time to collect signatures. It would also set penalties for interfering with or retaliating against signature-gatherers or petition-signers. Inslee says he thinks the proposal would intrude on people’s First Amendment rights to express their opinions.

Online Voters Guide: https://wei.sos.wa.gov/agency/osos/en/press_and_research/PreviousElections/2013/General-Election/Pages/Online-Voters-Guide.aspx

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