Broadway Kick Off Brings Humor With ‘Dose of Reality’

By Paige Browning

As the days get darker with Fall, Spokane’s Broadway stage lights up. The 2013-2014 Best of Broadway season starts this week in Spokane with the classic musical comedy Anything Goes.

West Coast Entertainment President Jack Lucas says there is a show for everyone this year. Wicked is expected to bring audiences en-masse, Million Dollar Quartet would please music fans, and American Idiot may entertain a young adult crowd.
Lucas: “I always say, this is the best year we’ve ever had in terms of lineup, but I do think this is a strong lineup. This is our 26th year, and there’s no doubt that over the years we have kind of, quote, up’d our game.”
Lucas says the first show, Anything Goes, is great for the casual theater goer. It’s a classic show with Cole Porter music and silly humor. For people who can appreciate good talent, Lucas says lead actor Rachel York will impress.
Lucas: “I know a lot of people don’t know who Rachel is, but she is your classic Broadway person. I mean she is the definition of Broadway.”
Originally performed in 1934, Anything Goes was later developed into film versions, and toured Broadway most recently in 1987. Current director and self-proclaimed research junkie Kathleen Marshall studied old production films to prepare the current show. She says this one basically follows the 1987 template.
Marshall: “And I really wanted this production to kind of give the audiences the same experience that the original production and all the subsequent productions have had, which is that sense of doing a wonderful comedy, a sort of screwball comedy, a farce… and wonderful, eccentric characters, but also a sort of true romance at it’s heart.”
She says these days a lot of musical comedies poke fun at the genre and the idea of singing and dancing.
Marshall: “What I love about Anything Goes, and I think all of our actors in this production, treat their comedy very seriously. So even though crazy things happen and slightly absurd things happen, everybody treats it with a dose of reality, so that these are characters we care about.”
Anything Goes kicks off the Best of Broadway series, October 10th through 13th.
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