Labrador Won’t Run For Idaho Governor, Wants To Stay In Congress

By Adam Cotterell

Idaho Representative Raul Labrador says he still has more to do in congress. The Republican said yesterday he plans to run for a third term in the U-S House. But Labrador’s main message was about what he won’t do.

Idaho Public Television’s Idaho Reports jibed on Twitter yesterday afternoon, “Wednesday, August 14th at 3:01… nothing changed.” That was from a press conference Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador called to announce he would not run for governor.

There had been a lot of speculation. Some Idaho newspapers had run multiple articles just asking the question “Is Labrador considering a primary challenge to Governor Butch Otter?” The answer is he did consider it. Labrador says he even reconsidered it after supporters asked him to. But he says the time is not right to run for governor.

Labrador: “I think I would do a very good job as governor but I think I’m doing a pretty good job in Washington D.C. and I’m doing what I was sent out there to do. You know in two and a half years I’ve been able to have influence over most of the important issues of the day.”

The Tea Party favorite was not as complimentary to Idaho’s governor who plans to seek a third term.

Labrador: “You know Butch Otter could do a better job. And I hope that now all this speculation comes to an end, I hope that he will actually take the time to come to me so that we can work together on the issues that are important to Idaho, now that he doesn’t see me as a competitor.”

Labrador conceded that unseating Otter in a primary would have been tough. But he says he might have made the decision to run again for Congress even if Otter were not seeking reelection.
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