Special Filing Period Gives Last Chance for Candidates

By Paige Browning

The top two candidates in each statewide race will move on to the general election after Tuesday’s primary. Those not in the top two are out. But there’s an exception for at least one, and as many as 20, races in Spokane County. Spokane County Auditor Vicky Dalton thinks she’ll have a few visitors this week. Specifically, she expects brand new candidates for offices that no one has filed for. She explains it’s a tactic used in the smaller districts.

Dalton: “And they do have to pay the cost of their election. The minimum is $50, and usually it’s going to run into the hundreds. And so one of their strategies is the incumbents don’t come in and file to be on the ballot, because if there’s no ballot races, then there’s no cost.”
Which is the reason for a three day special filing period, in effect August 7th, 8th, and 9th.

David Bennett filed for office Tuesday, for the role of Irvin Water District Commissioner. Photo by Paige Browning.Staff helped David Bennett file for office Tuesday. He serves as a commissioner for Irvin Water District, to which he was appointed - the key word here. He started in June, and to continue as commissioner he must be elected. 71 year old Bennett lives in Spokane Valley.

Bennett: “I’ve always shown an interest in water, you take it for granted. Not I’m learning what it takes to get the water to the spigot so to speak.”
So far he’s running unopposed, and another Irvin Water District seat is wide open. Bennett says that incumbent is retiring.

For incumbents who want to stick around, they remain if no one else files for the position. The special filing period includes races ranging from Spangle city council, to cemetery district commissioners in Waverly.

Photo:David Bennett filed for office Tuesday, for the role of Irvin Water District Commissioner. Photo by Paige Browning.

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