Washington Town Considers Recalling Mayor

By Tom Bacon

Voters in a small King County Washington town will be permitted to recall their mayor, if they wish, because of his political antics which have virtually paralyzed the town government.

Cy Sun ran for the mayor's job as a write-in candidate in Pacific Washington in November 2011 - and he won - promising to rid the town of about 7,000 people of corruption and patronage.

Less than a year later, a group of disgruntled Pacific residents filed a recall petition against Sun, alleging that he abused city employees and virtually shut down the town government.

Of eight key city department head jobs, five were vacant when the recall petition was filed. One department head quit before Sun took office because Sun had repeatedly threatened to fire him when he took over the mayor's job. Two others resigned, citing Sun's abuse and hostility. Two more were fired - one, after she filed a whistleblower's complaint.

At one point, Sun was even arrested when he destroyed public documents, and he tried to fire the arresting officers.

In a unanimous ruling Thursday, the Washington State Supreme Court found two valid reasons for allowing the recall election to go forward. One, that Sun committed malfeasance by using Pacific police officers as his own private police force, and two, that he jeopardized the city's liability coverage by failing to fill department head vacancies.

No date for the recall election has been set.
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