NPR Political Reporter to Speak in Spokane

By Paige Browning

For twelve years journalist Don Gonyea has been NPR’s national political correspondent.  The Detroit native will come to Spokane May 9th to share his experiences in the Bush and Obama administrations, and on life at NPR.
Gonyea lives in D.C., but travels constantly in order to report on what’s going on in politics.  He has reported on topics ranging from Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina…
Gonyea: “He says there are so many people who just won’t be able to come back to their homes.”

And then-Senator Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign.
Gonyea: “And then it’s to North Carolina, another red state…”
But one of Gonyea’s most vivid memories is of a day when he didn’t travel for work.  He walked his daughters to school, then to the White House for work on September 11th.  Gonyea says he was half way through security when guards got word about the World Trade Center attacks, and he wasn’t allowed any further into the building.
Gonyea: “The most eerie thing of that day was when suddenly Air Force fighter jets were circling low, above the National Mall and above the White House.  Occasionally you will see a jet fly by like that, but suddenly you knew these jets were on patrol and up there for protection.”
The events of September 11th are in fact why Gonyea had to cancel a speaking event in Spokane that year.
From that experience, to life on the campaign trail, to keeping up with the day-to-day in the White House, Gonyea has an inside look into U.S. politics.  Another thing he’s noticed in more than a decade of NPR reporting is transformations in journalism itself.
Gonyea: “The technology that I carry in my relatively small briefcase, either with a 4G card that I plug into my laptop… it’s remarkable what I’m able to do.”
During his visit to Spokane he’ll speak about political reporting in 2013, and any topics the crowd in Spokane throws his way.
Spokane Public Radio presents Don Gonyea on May 9th at the Bing Crosby Theater.
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