66 Washington Lobbyists Get Warning Letter

By Austin Jenkins

OLYMPIA, Wash. – More than 60 lobbyists in Washington have been sent warning letters. That’s because they failed to submit monthly reports that detail how much they earned and how much they spent to lobby state lawmakers.

The warning letters come from Washington’s Public Disclosure Commission. The PDC’s Lori Anderson gives us a flavor of what the out-of-compliance lobbyists received in their mailboxes.

Lori Anderson: “This letter is the only formal warning you will receive from PDC staff for not filing timely lobbying reports during 2013.”

After that, come the fines. A hundred and fifty dollars to start. Three hundred bucks for a second violation. Anderson says lobbyist reports are supposed to make the legislative process more transparent to the public.

Lori Anderson: “They can see who has hired a lobbyist and what particular issues different companies are lobbying. They can check out who is being entertained in connection with lobbying, which legislators are being entertained.”

The agency has not yet released a list of which lobbyists got the warning letters, but the 66 who did represent less than eight percent of the lobbyists registered in Washington.

Public Disclosure Commission: http://www.pdc.wa.gov/public/lobbyist/informationaboutlobbyist.aspx

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