Wildlife Officials Would Approve Some Wolf Kills

By Steve Jackson

Washington State Fish and Wildlife officials are offering comment following a wolf attack on a family dog in Twisp.

Earlier this month, a Twisp area man reported that his siberian husky was attacked on the front porch of his home on rural property.  John Stevie testified about the attack this week at hearing on Senate Bill 5187. That bill would let owners of livestock or pets kill a wolf without a permit if the predator is in the act of attacking or posing an immediate threat to their animals.

Fish and Wildlife spokesperson Madonna Luers says people need to be aware of the fact that while wolves can attack livestock and other animals, dogs are often their real enemy.
Luers: “Dogs and wolves are territorial enemies of you will, and you need to be alert to that, were not talking confining dogs completely, but keep that in mind.”

Even so, Luers says her agency believes wolf recovery has progressed to the point in the eastern third of the state that owners of pets and livestock are justified in seeking a way to defend their animals.

Luers: “We do favor having rural residents protect their property if they’re living with wolves. And we would support proposals to allow residents without a specific permit in that eastern third of state where they are federally delisted to shoot wolves that are attacking pets or livestock.”

The bill to allow livestock or pet owners to use deadly force against wolves who are attacking their animals has passed the State Senate, and will be debated in the House.
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