Drug Czar Says Feds Will Still Enforce Pot Laws

By Steve Jackson

While Washington state officials await word from the US Justice Department on the federal governments policy toward the state’s legalization of marijuana, one White House official is indicating that one aspect of the new law is unacceptable.

While Attorney General Eric Holder says he is in the final stage of reviewing the new marijuana laws in Washington and Colorado,
President Obama’s Director of the Office of National Drug Control policy is making it clear that those who grow and sell marijuana are still considered to be breaking the law.

Last week, in an interview with Canadian News magazine Macleans, Gil Kerlikowske was asked about President Obama’s comments that the U.S. Government has “bigger fish to fry” than to go after recreational pot users in states where it is legal.

Kerlikowske’s response was “You’ll continue to see enforcement against distributors and large-scale growers as the Justice Department has outlined. They will use their limited resources on those groups and not on going after individual users.”

It’s uncertain if the comment indicates if the Justice Department will target all growers and distributors, or if that means those that don’t go through the proper channels once Washington’s Liquor control board sets up a distribution system.

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