Oregon To Launch Medical Marijuana Dispensary Registration

By Chris Lehman

Starting Monday, medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon can apply for legal recognition. So far, they've operated under a grey area of the law. But the future is unclear for some dispensaries as local governments across the state move to ban the storefront operations.

The Oregon Health Authority expects up to 400 medical marijuana dispensaries to apply for a license in the opening days of the registry program. At $4,000 a license, that's potentially more than a million dollars in revenue for the state…money that will be used to oversee dispensaries and make sure they're complying with state rules. But even if they're legal in the eyes of the state, dispensary owners in some two dozen cities across Oregon could run afoul of local bans. The Oregon Health Authority will be issuing the permits. Tom Burns is director of the OHA’s Pharmacy Program.

Tom Burns: "We're going to issue them. What local authorities want to do at that point is up to local authorities."

Some Oregon lawmakers are backing a bill that would override all local bans of medical marijuana dispensaries. A vote on that could come this week.


Oregon Medical Marijuana dispensary program: http://www.oregon.gov/oha/mmj/Pages/index.aspx

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