Cyclist Jon Snyder Rolls Into City Council 2nd Term

By Paige Browning

In the city council battle of the Johns, incumbent Jon Snyder took a nearly 64-percent lead over candidate John Ahern. The first election results came out Tuesday night.
Snyder is an advocate for small businesses, alternative transportation, and for criminal justice reforms. We spoke with Snyder while he was celebrating at an election night party. He says he was surprised his lead was actually higher in this election than the August primaries.
Snyder: “The only time something like this happens is when you take the time to go out, to talk to folks, to hear their concerns, to find out what is important to them in the city government. We worked really hard to do that and I think we were rewarded because of that tonight.”
John Ahern challenged Snyder after spending 10 years in the Washington state house of representatives. He says he’s not conceding yet.
Ahern: “This election ain’t over ‘til it’s over, as the old saying goes. That’s the way I look at it. Yeah, it looks pretty good for him. And I’m also concerned about Michael Cannon because a big problem there, I guess he’s down by nine points.”
Ahern says conservatives like himself and Cannon will one day have a comeback, but it may not happen in this year’s local election.
There are still about 4,000 votes to be counted in the race.
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