SPR Facebook Guidelines

Spokane Public Radio is not responsible for comments and messages made on our Facebook page, however we make every effort to maintain this social media site as a safe space for Spokane Public Radio supporters and anyone interested in discussing programming, news topics, SPR events, non-profit community events, the arts, and anything else that other listeners and Facebook users find engaging. SPR reserves the right to edit or delete any comments made on this publicly maintained space at our discretion, though we attempt to represent differing or opposing views that may not necessarily represent the views of this station.
We sometimes receive questions about how we determine to ban users or hide comments. Below is clarification of our policies for posting to SPR’s Facebook page:
Hiding Comments:
In order to maintain a civil environment, we make every effort to hide or delete comments with inflammatory or inappropriate language. This includes but is not limited to: racial and racist epithets, sexist language, or general name calling.  It may be appropriate to comment on a position, but not appropriate to comment on the character of one who holds a differing position. We hide political campaign ads and solicitations, as well as posts promoting commercial events. While we acknowledge that some users may use strong language to discuss topics they strongly support or dislike, individual attacks on other users, specific staff members, or national reporters and hosts will not be tolerated. These types of comments will be hidden and in the case of repeat offenders, the users will be banned.
Banning Users:
We ban users who purposefully post false propaganda, false and/or deliberately misleading information, hateful speech, and violent images and words, or other harmful content. We also ban:
   - people who consistently post inflammatory rhetoric
   - people who deliberately spam with off-topic posts and/or ads for paid functions
Potential Legal Issues:
Any threatening comments, even if meant jokingly, are taken seriously and treated accordingly up to and including turning them over to law enforcement.  Libelous or harassing comments may also be treated accordingly through legal action.
While we adhere to these guidelines as closely as possible, occasionally things “creep through.” Please notify us immediately of offensive material you may find by sending an email to kpbx@kpbx.org or calling 328-5729 or toll-free at (800) 328-5729.
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