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Linda Stowe, membership director

Phone: 328-5729 / email: lstowe@kpbx.org

Give towards a SOUND FUTURE by becoming part of SPR's SOUND CIRCLE.
As we celebrate 32 years of broadcasting, Spokane Public Radio continually strives to present the best quality national and local program service and outreach events. Rare among other community and public radio stations, we broadcast live, in-studio performances and our local news staff produce and broadcast local news across the region. To stay current with the latest technology and maintain our programming services, we turn to individuals that have shown a special interest in SPR. We ask you to be part of our Sound Circle and help us sustain our mission of excellent artistic, educational and informational programming as well as events that enhance and enliven the cultural and civic life of our listening communities. Your increased support is vital to the continuation of our high-quality program service.

The Spokane Public Radio Sound Circle is comprised of the SPR members who give $1,000 or more annually. The Sound Circle was established to recognize those who have the ability and desire to do more, as well as to encourage other members to do the same.

Benefits of Sound Circle Participation

  • An annual reception or event with staff, program hosts, board members, and special guests
  • Annual Sound Circle Newsletter from the SPR President and General Manager
  • Acknowledgement in the program of a major fundraising event such as An Evening Under the Stars
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