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Dan Maher
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Spokane Public Radio listeners get three hours of Dan Maher’s Inland Folk program on Sundays. The first hour stands alone at 3 p.m. and the following two hours air at their traditional time from 8-10 p.m.

The celebrated folk musician shares the music of local and national folk artists on his program, from Northwest Public Radio in Pullman, WA.

Dan Maher

Dan Maher originally fell in love with folk music as a teenager growing up in Spokane. A celebrated musician, he actually began his career in music during his college years at Washington State University, performing covers of the Eagles and Neil Young in venues around the area. His love for folk eventually led to his involvement with public radio as the host of what has come to be the weekly three-hour folk music radio show, Inland Folk, which is approaching its 31st year on the air. He is his own producer, editor and engineer for the show.

Having collected over three decades worth of folk music, Dan now eagerly makes the transition to the digital age. He likes the change to digital mainly because it makes it easier to share music, but has to admit that all those years of hauling music back and forth from home for the show has played its part in convincing him. As a student who recently helped him move about five thousand of his old vinyls said, “Nothing musical has a right to be this heavy anymore.”

Dan also works full-time for the office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development at WSU, coordinating student and organizational development programs, and is an advisor on multiple committees for ASWSU. In his free time he is an avid baseball fan, and loves listening to Vin Scully’s broadcasts of Dodgers games. Over the years Dan has generously volunteered his time during fund drives as well as offering free concerts in return for public support for both SPR and NWPR. 

Inland Folk has been rolling down the folk music road for two decades. Dan actually began volunteering for KPBX in 1982, as one of the hosts of Survey of North American Folk Music. When the program ended in 1983, Dan received his own hour-long program to explore contemporary folk, mainly from the Inland Northwest. The only obstacle was the bus commute from Pullman to Spokane.

"I hauled 20 to 30 records up from Pullman, and (former news and Jazz host) Joe Zupan and I would sit down and record two or three shows at once," Dan remembers.

When Pullman got its own public radio station, Dan began recording Inland Folk there, with the understanding that KPBX would also broadcast the program. The show expanded to two hours in 1987.

Dan says he spends four or five hours each week planning and recording each week's program. During Pledge Drives, Dan often comes to the KPBX studios to present Inland Folk live. Dan also performs at various KPBX Kids' Concerts.

"Inland Folk is nothing more or less than to allow people the opportunity to listen to all kinds of really good acoustic music. I just do it because the music's out there and people are listening to it. Hopefully they learn a little bit each time they listen to the show."

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