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Bird NoteBirdNote is a radio series about the intriguing ways of birds. BirdNote will take you out of the daily grind and transport you into the natural world. Each show is scheduled to coincide with the time of year when you can see or hear the featured bird. (“Oh, that’s what that is!”)

These shows are two-minute vignettes that incorporate the rich sounds of birds with stories that illustrate the interesting—and in some cases, truly amazing—abilities of birds.

About the hosts:
Story-teller (Narrator) Michael Stein draws on a wealth of life experience as a construction worker, radio DJ, producer, Keith Moon-clone, baker, and record label dude.  He travels a bit, works some, speaks passable German (with a 'Schwabisch' accent), loves Tex-Mex, drums, vintage Cadillacs, and Great Blue Herons.

Narrator Mary McCann creates with sound —- as a poet, Internet radio programmer, broadcast radio DJ, producer, and performer. She's traveled the world by motorcycle and camped under the stars in both hemispheres. A long time fan of BirdNote, “because it combines the theater of the mind with stories told from a bird's eye view”, Mary is honored to bring those stories to life.

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