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Big Picture Sciene

Big Picture Science
is a one-hour radio show and podcast that connects ideas in surprising and humorous ways to illuminate the origins, the behavior, and the future of life-and technology-on Earth. What came before the Big Bang? How does the brain work? Will our descendents be human or machine? What's the origin of humor? We ponder these questions daily… and expound on them weekly.

But, wait! There's more! 

Are you a doubting Thomas? Good. Join us as we separate science from pseudoscience - and facts from the phony - in Skeptic Check, our monthly episode devoted to critical thinking. 

History of the Program:
Big Picture Science is a one-hour science program produced at the SETI Institute's radio studio in Mountain View, Calif. We broadcast and podcast every week.
But it wasn't always so! The program began with the title Are We Alone? in 2002 as a commercially-supported call-in show distributed to a handful of stations on Radio America by Bill Oxley and Seth Shostak, who actually broadcast from their respective living rooms in San Diego and Mountain View. In 2004, Molly Bentley joined AWA as an editor and executive producer, and about that time, support from the NASA Astrobiology Institute allowed them to build their own radio studio and move away from single interview call-ins, to a thematic multi-interview produced show. 
Barbara Vance joined AWA at that time and has kept them organized and hitting program deadlines ever since. Bill left the show in 2005 to pursue other interests and Gary Niederhoff joined them with his considerable voice talent and editing skills. Then Jay Weiler showed up.
After a short stint on the Discovery Channel's outlet on Sirius Satellite Radio, they began distributing Are We Alone? on the Public Radio Satellite System (PRSS) and the Public Radio Exchange (PRX).

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