Benefit from Partnering with SPR

Spokane Public Radio invites you to establish your connection with the region’s most desirable radio audience. Our listeners include many of the community’s most active, affluent, and connected people. Program underwriting can help you strengthen your reputation and branding by linking your name or information about special events with our award-winning stations and programs. Your underwriting announcements will be heard in an environment free of commercial clutter by the “foreground” listeners of our arts and news station, KPBX, and our all-news and information station, KSFC.

Hear What a Current SPR Underwriter Has to Say

Sandy Tarbox
Greencastle Soap

"I knew that Spokane Public Radio in general was the audience that I wanted to reach out to, that it was the audience I wanted to attract. Who doesn't need soap, right?"


Ron Garrity
Bartlett Gallery & Framing

"We would encourage other businesses to underwrite not just because it gets your name out in front of a good target audience, but because public radio gives so much to us during the day as far as entertainment and being informed that it feels good to give back something."

Juliet Sinisterra
Sun People Dry Goods
"I chose to underwrite with Spokane Public Radio because our customer base tends to be really well educated, they tend to understand the importance of living lightly on earth, and want to learn more about how to do that. They care deeply about the world, deeply about the community, and to me Spokane Public Radio emulates all those values."


Thomas Hammer
Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters

"For any business I think there's an opportunity here to shine and to be seen and heard more clearly than in other forms of advertising."


Ada Hargrove
Blue Sky Marketing
"I've been at businesses and witnessed when a customer has come and purchased the products . The customer has actually taken the time to inform the store that
they're there because of the underwriting that that business has done with the



Underwriting Director
Kathy Sackett

Underwriting Representative
Robb Anthony
Ann Torigoe-Hawkins
Underwriting Representative 
Ann Torigoe Hawkins

When choosing to underwrite on a Spokane Public Radio station
you are keeping local dollars driving the economy.


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