Northwest National Parks And Monuments Reopen

By Austin Jenkins

The end of the government shutdown means Northwest national parks and monuments are back open. There was a line-up of cars at Mount Rainier’s Nisqually gate late Thursday morning. Among those taking advantage of the reopened national park was Larry Curles from the Tacoma area.

Larry Curles: “We’re avid hikers and by closing down the parks it forced all of the avid hikers into the other areas. This is hunting season and it’s so much nicer to hunt without hikers on the path and hike without hunters in the woods (laughs).”

Mt. Rainier park officials estimate they lost four thousand dollars a day in gate receipts during the 16 day shutdown. The closure also took a toll on businesses near the park entrance. While all Northwest national parks were able to reopen immediately, rangers warn that not all services are up and running yet.

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