Northwest Guard Members Can Make Up Missed Training

By Chris Lehman

National Guard members in the Northwest will get the chance to make up the training they missed during the partial government shutdown. Guard commanders had to cancel weekend drills and the pay that comes with it. In all three states, that supplemental pay is a key part of balancing household checkbooks. 

Washington National Guard spokesman Captain Joseph Siemandel says the roughly 8,000 Guard members in his state will be able to reschedule the training hours they had to miss, not this weekend but over coming weekends.

Joseph Siemandel: "They understand with the situation at the time it was the best thing and the only thing we could do. And they're just eager to get those dates made up and get back to training and doing the job again."

A drill that was canceled in early October in Oregon will be made up later this month. In Idaho, a Guard spokesman said soldiers and airmen will have the chance to make up their training hours over the course of the next several months.

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