Washington’s State Supreme Court Makes History

By Patricia Murphy

The Washington State Supreme Court will make history Monday when newly elected Justice Sheryl Gordon McCloud is sworn in.

Appellate attorney Sheryl Gordon McCloud considered herself an underdog as she campaigned.  She was running against former Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders.  Today McCloud’s electoral victory will mark the first time in Washington State history that the
court will have both a female majority and a female Chief Justice.

Kellye Testy is the Dean at the University of Washington School of Law.  She says Washington’s high court is unique among states- and not in a good way. 

Testy: “Women have been graduating in equal numbers to men from law school to men since the 70’s but in many areas we’re still very underrepresented in leader ship roles. To have our own Supreme Court not have that failing is just terrific.”

Testy says most importantly voters seemed to have recognized quality over gender.  Justice elect Mcloud will be sworn in alongside re-elected Justices Susan Owens and Stephan Gonzales.  Chief Justice Barbra Madsen will also be inaugurated to another four year term as head of the court.

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