Farmers, State Employees Push for Immigrant Rights

By Steve Jackson

A coalition of Washington state employees and farmers believes immigration reform will be an economic boon to the state.

The coalition held a press conference Wednesday, touting a new study they say shows Washington stands to benefit form the reform bill being debated in Congress. The report was produced by the American Federation of State, County , and Municipal Employees.
Washington Federation of State Employee Vice president Sue Henrickson says legalizing the statues of 11 million illegal immigrants in the US will dramatically boost the states tax reserves.
Henrickson: “Immigrants in Washington alone would earn 10. 5 billion dollars over the next decade, and that would mean an additional 1.3 billion dollars paid in state taxes.

In addition, Henrickson says because most immigrants are from a younger demographic, removing them from an illegal economy would mean a huge boost over the course of the next 3 and a half decades for the nations struggling social security system. She says it would add a "$1.2 trillion increase to the social security system, a $580 billion increase for social security benefits received, a $606 billion net increase to the social security system.”
The Comprehensive Immigration reform bill has passed the US Senate, but stalled in the House.
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