Dozens Overdose at Electronic Music Festival

By Paige Browning

One person died and dozens became ill while attending a concert at Washington’s Gorge Amphitheater this weekend. Drugs were a factor in many hospitalizations.
It was a busy weekend for the small town Quincy Valley Medical Center.  Spokesperson Michele Wurl says the emergency room had 120 visits, about 70 of them from the concert, and up to 50 of those with drug and alcohol related symptoms.
Wurl: “It ranges anything where you can have people that are combative, just acting bizarre, to the extent of somebody who is unconscious, unable to breath on their own.”
Quincy Valley Medical Center. Photo courtesy of hospital.Wurl says the hospital transferred the seven most severe patients to Columbia Medical Center in Wenatchee, including the 21 year old who later died.
Many concert goers, including a 20 year old reported missing from Sunday through Monday afternoon, admitted to taking the drug molly, a form a ecstacy. This particular dose could have been mixed with other drugs.
The Grant County sheriff’s office reports that 23 people were booked into jail this weekend for charges ranging from delivery of controlled substances to trespassing.
About 20,000 people attend the Paradiso Festival, a two day event of electronic music and art at the Gorge.
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Photo: Quincy Valley Medical Center. Photo courtesy of hospital.

Joint Statement from Promoters of Paradiso Festival:
Live Nation and USC Events were co-producers of the Paradiso Festival at the Gorge Amphitheatre on June 28th-29th and are committed to bringing people together to experience music in a safe environment. For this event, we worked with the  local Sherriff’s Department to have a sub-station located at the onsite campgrounds and other first responders to help ensure the venue had appropriate security.  
During the festival, we entertained more than 25,000 fans over two days. In those two days, about 50 total fans were transported via ambulance to area hospitals for a variety of medical issues ranging from heat exhaustion to unfortunately what appears to be drug overdoses.
We wish to express our deep concern about reports regarding a 21-year-old man who died at Central Washington Hospital over the weekend. We extend our sympathy to his family.
Because this is an active investigation, we must defer questions to the Grant County Sheriff’s Department. 
USC Events was established in 1996. USC is recognized for both its popular club events and nationally acclaimed annual festivals.
Live Nation Entertainment is the world’s leading live entertainment and ecommerce company.
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