Warm Springs Tribes Hoping To Become Test Site For UAV

By William Robbins - KWSO

Unmanned Ariel Vehicle testing could soon be taking place in the skies high above the Warm Springs reservation of Oregon.

Economic advisors for the Confederated tribes of Warmsprings say the three-year effort to bring UAV -- unmanned ariel vehicle -- testing to the reservation could provide a much needed boost to the local economy and is well worth the wait.  The tribe has partnered up with Oregon State University and the Universities of Hawaii and Alaska in an effort to become one of six test sites approved by the FAA

Jeff Anspach is the CEO of the Warm Springs Economic Development Corporation. He says because the Warm Springs reservation has a myriad of topographies it is potentially attractive to industry and sensor testers.

"It has 1,000 square miles, the peak of Mt. Jefferson on tribal lands, plus three major watersheds and 600 square miles of forest land, 400 square miles of desert terrain, and rivers. A very unique reservation.”

The FAA is currently reviewing over 50 proposals from 37 states for the six sites. The agency plans to select the winners by the end of the year.

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