Boo-Boo the Bear Returns to the Wild

By Tom Bacon

Boo-Boo the Bear is now making himself a new home in the wilds of central Idaho after months of recuperation from severe burns he suffered when he was just a tiny cub.

Boo-Boo's plight captivated the public when he was rescued from a raging wildfire near Salmon Idaho last August. The little black bear was so badly burned he couldn't walk.

Idaho Fish and Game veterinarians turned Boo-Boo over to the Idaho Humane Society where he spent two weeks in intensive care.

From there, Boo-Boo was sent to the Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary in McCall, where he continued his recovery - along with ten other orphaned cubs - in a two-acre natural enclosure.

Boo-Boo weighed only 25 pounds when he was rescued, but he was a hefty 95-pounder when he was released yesterday, about 30 pounds or so heavier than typical bear cubs in the wild.

Because he was so badly injured in the wildfire, it was feared he'd have to spend his life in captivity, but he and his rehabilitators persisted until he completed his recovery.

Boo-Boo is wearing a GPS tracking collar which is designed to fall off in a year so as not to interfere with his growth.
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