Sentences Upheld For Colville Sheet Metal Theifs

By Tom Bacon

A Colville, Washington couple who stole truckloads of raw materials from a boat builder lost their separate arguments that the Stevens County judge who heard the case treated them unfairly when he sentenced them.

Christopher Randall Boring worked as a supervisor for the Hewes Marine Company in Colville, a family-owned firm which builds aluminum fishing boats.

But over a period of three years, he indulged in a scheme to steal sheets of aluminum purchased to build the boats. Before they were arrested in 2010, Boring and his wife, Jody, took at least 226 loads of aluminum sheet - more than 360-thousand pounds of the stuff - and sold it to a Spokane recycling company for an average 59 cents a pound.

Stevens County prosecutors alleged that Boring stole the raw materials, and that Jody then trucked it to Spokane to be sold. 

Boring worked out a plea deal in which he'd go to prison for four years. But he got a nasty surprise when the judge decided he should serve six years because of the exceptional nature of the theft scheme.

And Jody Boring, who was found guilty of trafficking in stolen property, was equally shocked when she was ordered to repay more than half-a-million dollars to Hewes Marine, the estimated actual value of the stolen marine-grade aluminum.

Both sentences were upheld Thursday by the Washington State Court of Appeals.
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