Gas Prices Steady for Memorial Weekend

By Tom Bacon

There's not much bad news for drivers filling up their tanks for the long Memorial Day weekend.  But on the other hand, there's not much good news, either.
Gasoline prices which have crept upward in the northwest over the past two months are now relatively flat.

But the average price per gallon in Washington is $4 a gallon this weekend. Spokane prices, on average, are somewhat less, at about $3.80 a gallon, with most of the higher prices - $4 plus, concentrated along the I-5 corridor west of the Cascades.

In Idaho, the cost of filling up is a bit less - around 3-66 a gallon, with the Coeur d' Alene area holding at $3.61 on average.

The AAA reported Washington and Oregon gasoline prices spiked somewhere between 31 and 40 cents a gallon higher over the past two weeks, while Idaho's rise was less, in the 21 to 30 cent-a-gallon range. The increases have brought fuel prices up to just about the same level as last year's Memorial Day weekend.

AAA surveyors expect more people to drive this weekend - slightly more than 31 million Americans - to partly offset a sharp decline in air travel of about 8 percent.
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