The Idaho House Could Be In For A Long Debate On The Health Exchange

By Emilie Ritter Saunders

The Idaho House of Representatives could be in for a marathon debate over the latest state-based health insurance exchange plan.

The discussion will start this morning (Wednesday), less than a month after the Senate spent nearly six hours debating a similar proposal. 

Idaho Senate President Pro-Tem Brent Hill joked the debate in the House over an online insurance marketplace could be twice as long since that chamber has double the Legislators.

Jokes aside, the 70 House lawmakers are expected to take their time deciding if Idaho should create a state-based insurance exchange.

Governor Butch Otter has already said the state will move forward its exchange, but that requires legislative approval.

House Speaker Scott Bedke doesn’t plan to limit today’s debate. He says it’s an issue that should be fully-vetted…

Bedke: "This is an important issue, and people feel strongly about that. In some ways, I've not been looking forward to it," he adds, "but in other ways, I think this could be one of our finer hours."

The House debate on a state-based health insurance exchange is scheduled to start at 9:30, mountain time, this morning.

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