Portland Terrorism Suspect Released To Await Trial

By Kristian Foden-Vencil

The Portland city employee who was charged this week with aiding terrorism, has been released to await his trial.

48-year-old wastewater worker, Reaz Qadir Khan, is accused of lending material support to the bombing of the headquarters of Pakistan's intelligence agency in 2009.

Prosecutors say he gave a man named Ali Jaleel advice; helped get him money; and sent money to one of Jaleel's wives a few days after the bombing.

Prosecutors argued against releasing Khan, saying he could be a danger to the community. But U.S. District Court Judge Michael Mosman found Khan doesn't pose a substantial flight risk -- mainly because of his family ties here -- a wife, three young children, and a brother -- plus his job.

Khan's attorney argued that when Khan learned he was under investigation, he did not try to leave. Khan had to post a $25-hundred dollar bond, have his computer use monitored, be on house detention, and show the courts where his assets are.  He has an account in Pakistan, but told the court it's inactive and he can't withdraw money from it.

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