Insurance Commisioner Downplays Sequester Role on "Obamacare"

By Steve Jackson

The Washington state insurance commissioner says he believes the so called “Sequester” budget cuts will have little impact on implementing “Obama Care.”

While the mandated Federal Budget cuts effects are being seen in many areas of government spending, Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kriedler says he does think the Sequestration will have much of an impact on the actual funding of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

Kriedler: “It’s the people behind that, the actual federal employees, if they were to be furloughed at a critical time that would have an impact, but the actual funding levels that are available for health care reform I wont they are protected but less likely to be impacted by the sequester.” 

Kreidler also takes issue with some reports circulating on the internet that the Affordable care act is dramatically driving up prices of health Insurance.

Kriedler: “I think that the idea that health insurance reform is already causing rates to go up, I don’t know where that comes from, if you take a look at prices you will see that rates are actually increasing less than they did in the past." 

Insurance Commissioner Kreidler says by October the State Health Exchange will have a website online where individuals can determine which plan from tiered system best fits their needs for affordability and coverage.

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