"Adult Businesses" Redefined to Give City Zoning Power

By Paige Browning

Spokane's city council has scratched out and rewritten the adult business section of the city municipal code. The council voted 7-0 to approve new business definitions, which are directed at two erotic stores.  

The interim ordinance inserts definitions for "adult bookstore or adult video store" and "adult business" into the city code.  Previously, the terms were "adult oriented merchandise" and "adult retail use establishment." Another term, "adult entertainment establishment", was in the code before and remains.

Two northside businesses (the Hollywood Erotic Boutique and Hollywood Erotique Boutique) have drawn complaints from neighbors for secondary effects of their business.

In response to city pressure, the stores argued they didn't fit the definition of an adult business in the existing ordinance. Now that the definitions clearly list the two businesses as "adult", they both have one year to move or close.

City council cannot confirm the interim ordinance until the planning commission holds a public hearing, within the next 60 days.

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