Campers, Brides, Crowd Turn Out for Spokane Pot Store

By Paige Browning

Marijuana passed hands from cashier to customer Tuesday across the state. To mark the first day of legal weed sales statewide, Spokane Green Leaf opened its doors at 2:00. To say the least, it was not your average shopping experience. Mike Boyer camped overnight so he could be the first customer.


Boyer: “Yeah I’m only here to be the first guy in. I want to be the number one guy in Spokane, I want that title for life, the first guy to buy recreational weed legally in Spokane.”

About 100 people lined up before the doors opened. An energy drink company sold cans in the parking lot, a rideshare driver handed out bags of chips, and a liquor control board member stood nearby. You could tell by yells and the waving of a baggie who had just made a pot purchase.

For two women on a road trip from Houston, Texas, today meant enjoying not one, but two of Washington’s laws.

Clark" “We came up here to get married.”

Kat Clark and her partner Jeri Jackson got a marriage license earlier in the day at the Spokane County courthouse. Then, they headed to Spokane Green Leaf. They say "we heard from a friend that today was the day, so we came over here and stood in line, out in the sun with everybody else, got a nice little tan.”

They both bought four grams of marijuana, at $25 dollars a gram. That was the day’s maximum set by Spokane Green Leaf, due to pot shortages statewide. Two other stores in Spokane will open later this month.

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