Obama Climate Change Study: Impacts in the Northwest

By Sara Lerner - KUOW

Effects from human-induced climate change are real and they’re being felt in every corner of the United States. Those are the findings of an extensive federal report on climate change released Tuesday.

University of Washington scientist Amy Snover was one of the authors. She says that means three problems for our region: a reduced snowpack, meaning…less water.

Snover says, for example: Washington farmers will likely be competing for water in the future. Problem number two: more wildfires and insects in our forests. And the third biggie for our area: rising sea levels and ocean acidification.

Snover says these impacts will be seen on both sides of the cascades by the year 2100. Snover says she believes not enough is being done to limit the impacts ahead. But, she says she thinks there is some good momentum and many companies are assessing the risks and making changes.

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