Zombies Take Over the Screen in Spokane

By Steve Jackson

The national zombie craze is going to mean some exciting business for the Spokane area. A local production company made a big announcement Wednesday, that caught the attention of Mayor David Condon and other city officials.
Condon: “I’m glad I didn’t get to be a zombie, maybe that's what we do everyday, but I’ve dressed in crazier outfits.”

The comment came in reference to the news that North By Northwest will soon begin production on a television series for the ScyFy network called 'Z Nation', which features, you guessed it, zombies. The show will begin in production for 13 episodes with shooting starting in May.

Rich Cowan of North by Northwest says this is a major break for his company and the Spokane region.
Cowan: “Once you start a series other people will notice, like where was that shot? and then we’ll get more jobs, and when people discover Spokane and how easy it is to shoot here, we don’t have the traffic problems, and it’s a small industry and people talk a lot.”

And he says in the short term it means new jobs for the region. Cowan says they are union jobs that pay pensions and healthcare. He says "we have over 200 actors that will be working, and 1,300 extras, mostly zombies by the way."
Cowan says many of the actors will be chosen from Spokane’s theater community. North by Northwest was started in 1990 in Spokane. They have offices in Spokane and Boise and have produced over fifty feature films. This is the first TV series they have worked on.
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