Meetings Will Continue at Rainer Beach Church Despite Revocation of Boy Scout Charter

By Patricia Murphy

The Boy Scouts of America has revoked the charter of Rainier Beach United Methodist Church in Seattle because it allowed a gay adult to continue leading the troop. Reverend Dr. Monica Corsaro says her church is inclusive of all people.

The church is standing behind former Scoutmaster Geoff McGrath. Corsaro says the meetings will go on for the 15 troop members even if they can’t use the Boy Scouts name.

Corsaro: “Our plan is to keep having good, consistent quality programming for our youth. And we’ll see how it unfolds on how we can be a scouting troop for these kids.”

Corsaro says uniforms will need to be adjusted and the group won’t have access to some of the camping sites. She says they've obtained legal counsel to evaluate the next steps.

McGrath’s membership was revoked last month after national officials learned of his sexual orientation. The group does not allow openly gay adults to serve as leaders.
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