Knitting Factory Open After Three Day Hold On License

By Paige Browning

The Knitting Factory in Spokane has reopened its doors after the Spokane chief of police shut down the venue Monday.  Chief Frank Straub has lifted his order to suspend the venue license.
Knitting Factory COO (right) Greg Marchant. By Paige Browning.Knitting Factory Chief Operating Officer Greg Marchant was quick to call the city Mayor and police chief when he heard his venue was being closed.

Marchant: “We’ve been here for ten years, and this is the first time we’re standing on the sidewalk having this conversation.  The majority of events, as I said, over a million people, hundreds of events a year, hundreds of artists a year in ten years.  Do the math, that’s a lot of people who have safely come and enjoyed a great experience here.
This week was an exception.  After a Sunday night dj-show, two people were shot in the parking lot outside the venue, and not long after two more were shot a few blocks away.
Marchant has been in talks with Chief Straub and Mayor Condon ever since, and the group says they’ve drafted a new security plan.
Straub complemented the Knitting Factory for having good security inside the venue.  He has taken a firm stance against downtown crime, is patrolling seven officers in that area, and says downtown crime is down 10.5% this year.
Straub: “Don’t come downtown and bring guns, don’t come downtown and shoot people. If you do, what you’re going to see is a very immediate police response.  We are not going to tolerate that behavior downtown; we’re not going to tolerate it in any of our neighborhoods.”
Marchant says the Friday event is still cancelled to harbor a cooling down period.

The Knitting Factory Spokane website
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Spokane Police PIO Jennifer DeRuwe speaks with reporters outside of the Knitting Factory. By Paige Browning. 

Knitting Factory Sopkane front sign; Knitting Factory COO (right) Greg Marchant; Spokane Police PIO Jennifer DeRuwe speaks with reporters outside of the Knitting Factory. By Paige Browning.
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