Pot Legal in Spokane Pending City Council Vote

By Paige Browning

The city of Spokane will officially recognize legal use of marijuana as of Monday night.  The city council will vote on an ordinance to bring Spokane’s marijuana laws up to speed.
Council members Jon Snyder and Mike Fagan, and unlikely duo on most topics, co-sponsored the measure.  Snyder explains the city council is amending the city’s municipal code to match state laws.  This includes a civil infraction for people who use marijuana publicly - something not allowed by the state.
[Snyder:] “It’s really important that people understand that I-502 does not mean you can just go smoke marijuana whenever, however you want.  It’s illegal not just to consume it, but to display it in public places.  That infraction is really important is really important so that people know that that remains against the law.”
The council ordinance adds the civil infraction, allows for private marijuana use, and bans marijuana use for boat drivers, water skiers, and those under 21.
The liquor control board is in charge of creating the state regulated pot market.  Snyder was one who requested the board host one of their public hearings in Spokane.
[Snyder] “We’re a border city.  When we’re dealing with production, I think tracking of product is going to be very important to us, because we don’t want to see a proliferation of production that ends up actually illegally going outside the state.”
The Tuesday night hearing is open to the public.  The comment period starts near 7:20 p.m.
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