Ahern Loses City Council Race for Good

By Paige Browning

Spokane City Council member Jon Snyder will spend another four years on the council. This was determined in November when he won the election by about 6,000 votes, but was reinforced Monday after a limited recount of the race.

One week ago, challenger John Ahern had request a manual recount of four precincts. County Auditor Vicky Dalton says the recount results show exactly the same numbers as the original machine count for city council, district two. Dalton says the new machine counters are more accurate than machines they have used before.

Ahern will need to pay the elections office about $1,700 dollars or the cost of the recount. The election results end 78-year-old Ahern's political careet (at least for now), after he spent 10 years in the Washington state House.

Jon Snyder, Candace Mumm, and Amber Waldref won the recent city council election, and will be sworn in December 23rd.

Dalton says there were no statewide recounts this year, including for the GMO labeling measure, which failed.
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