Nurses Locked Out After Walk Out

By Steve Jackson

Nurses at Valley Hospital held a one day walkout Wednesday, but then found out they wouldn’t be needed back at work Thursday or Friday. The nurses staged the one day walkout after talks with management at Valley Hospital and Deaconess came to a standstill. They had hoped the one day protest would encourage Community Health Systems to be more receptive to their concerns.

Instead, the management told them not to bother coming to work Thursday or Friday, as they had hired temporary workers on a 72 hour contract. RN Tami Omarrow says she was one of the employees who was not notified but management of the lockout. She says she went to the Valley building Thursday morning, but was told she could not return to work until Saturday morning.

“I’m just totally disappointed in the fact they’re not willing to work with us that we were willing to come back at a set time, and they decided to keep the temp workers on and not allow the regular staff to come back, so it shows how they are willing to treat the regular staff,” said Omarrow. She says the main issue is staffing ratios of nurses to patients, and says claims by management that it is about increased pay are incorrect:
Omarrow says the workers have given management several prospective dates when talks could resume, but has not heard if any new talks are planned.

(Our calls to management were not returned in time for the airing of this story.)
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