Oregon Senators: Afghan Exit Should Be Complete

By Tom Bacon

Both Oregon senators believe that if the US is going to pull troops out of Afghanistan, it should do it and not leave a few thousand behind. Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, both Democrats, told the Obama administration that they will not go long with an open-ended deal that might leave upwards of 10-thousand American soldiers in Afghanistan after most troops are pulled out next year.

The two men tacked an amendment onto a proposed Pentagon spending bill that would require congressional approval to leave troops in place. They were joined by two other Democrats and two Republicans. 

Merkley said it's long past time to end the longest war in American history. Wyden said that if the president believes there are compelling national security reasons to require a US military presence in Afghanistan after 2014, he should come to Congress and make that case.

The lawmakers said that after 12 years and 600-billion dollars, American investment in Afghanistan should be ended. Period. Ironically, the defense authorization bill to which they attached the amendment has gone nowhere so far.

On the same day that majority Democrats ended filibusters on judicial nominations, the bill was stalled by a filibuster. Republicans want to offer more amendments on the measure.
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