Leadership Changes At Cover Oregon

By Kristian Foden-Vencil

Governor John Kitzhaber has changed the leadership at the state's health insurance exchange, Cover Oregon. "We are putting all hands on deck to make sure again that everyone who wants and needs health coverage in this state, is able to get it and get enrolled in a plan by January 1st," said John Kitzhaber.

He announced two main staffing changes. First, the former CEO of Providence Health, Greg Van Pelt, will give an outsider's view of what Cover Oregon is doing right and wrong. Second, Bruce Goldberg, the director of the Oregon Health Authority, will oversee the processing of the thousands of paper applications.

Cover Oregon head, Rocky King, will focus on trying to get the website running. "I just spoke again with top management Oracle," said Kitzhaber. "They've brought in their chief technology person in the com pay here. They've brought in an additional team. They'll be paying for all these additional resources that they're bringing in.And they still remain confident that we're going to get this thing up and running."

So far, not one person has been able to enroll under the new system. But 75,000 have been added using a work around.

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