Senator Murray Rolls Out "MyBudget"

By Tom Bacon

Washington Senator Patty Murray thinks that people affected by federal budget decisions ought to have a say in the process.

Senator Murray, who is chair of the Senate Budget Committee, is setting up a web site to encourage taxpayers to talk about their budget priorities and how government programs affect their lives.  She calls it "MyBudget," not to be confused with a similar Australian website set up to get individuals out of financial trouble.

Murray launched her new website less than a week after she confirmed that Democrats will move a budget through her committee - the first one since 2009.  Murray told her colleagues last week that any new budget crafted in the Senate must include additional revenues, an idea that is repugnant to most Republicans.  She also wants to hear from the public about ideas to strengthen so called entitlement programs such as Medicare.

On the other side of the Capitol, House Republicans have said they'll write a budget which will be balanced in a decade. That would likely require deeper cuts with no new revenues.  She sees the new web tool as a defense against the new GOP budget. In her words - it could be even more extreme than the last one.  Murray said "the budget process and conversation is too often limited to bureaucrats and politicians."
MyBudget can be found here: MyBudget online
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