WA Ins. Commissioner: Phase Out Inadequate Insurance Plans

By Steve Jackson

Despite the orders of President Obama, Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler has said he will not allow insurance companies in Washington state to continue to offer plans that don’t meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. But Kreilder says those who are losing their coverage should still have plenty of affordable options for continuing their coverage.
Commissioner Kriedler says there are about 290 thousand state residents who will need to buy new coverage after their current plans were dropped by their present Insurance carrier. But he says they should have plenty of good options for continuing to have insurance, and not necessarily at more cost.

Kriedler: “Best way to make that selection is to go to an agent broker. [It is] no cost to the individual and they’re going to work with them on what their options are to have a replacement product. They are going to find out, not infrequently, that it will be a better fit, at a better price and invariably much better coverage.”
Kreidler says he believes about half of those 290,000 customers will be able to qualify for a premium subsidy through the state’s insurance exchange as well.
He says many of the canceled plans had inadequate coverage that would have caused problems for many customers down the road, like a lack of coverage for pharmaceutical drugs. 
Kriedler says "If you have bad luck and wind up with MS or cancer, and no one is immune from bad luck, if that happens and you don’t have drug coverage, you have a problem.”
Kreidler says the state has 46 individual health plans for sale in the state health exchange, and 51 plans available statewide outside the exchange.
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