Apples Way Up, So Are Other Crops in Washington For 2012

By Anna King

The federal bean counters say that Washington’s agricultural crops in 2012 are up 6 percent from the year before. A recent USDA report say agricultural products reached nearly 10 billion dollars. Some of the products that saw rapid growth in Washington: dry edible beans, barley and apples.

Other crops did well too last year, but in Washington apples remain king. In 2012 they came in with a 16 percent crop increase over 2011. That’s a value of $2.25 billion dollars. Todd Fryhover is the president of the Washington Apple Commission. He says interestingly apple growers have less acreage now than they did 20 years ago – but more trees per acre.

Todd Fryhover: “In the traditional orchards of the past, we might have 380 trees per acre, today we’re seeing orchards with as much as 1,000 to 1,500 trees per acre. So a lot more intense farming, a lot better stewardship of the land, a lot more efficiencies.”

The other top crops in Washington by value are: Wheat, milk, potatoes and hay.

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