Named Gift Opportunities

Named Gift Opportunities are an ideal way to show your organization's interests, pay tribute to a loved one, or make a lasting impression. Gifts to the Moving To a Sound Future project are payable over time -- up to five years, and they powerfully leverage matching funds. Below are suggestion options. Additional ideas are welcome! Discuss naming opportunities with SPR President & General Manager Cary Boyce, or click the box for "Contact me for Named Gift Opportunities" on the Moving To a Sound Future donation form.

Items in blue are reserved.

Courtyard Tile Bricks (8"x8"), $1,000 each
Courtyard Bricks (4"x8"), $500 each
Donor Wall Tiles, $250 each

Performing Arts Hall & Recording Studio, $1,000,000
KPBX Broadcast Studio $500,000
KSFC Broadcast Studio $500,000
KPBZ Broadcast Studio $250,000

Firehouse Conference Area, $50,000

Upstairs Lobby, $50,000

Fire Pole
   1. Wyncote Foundation
   2. North Pole: Dodson's Jewelers

   (One more available)

Harold Balazs Sculpture
   Harriet Cheney Cowles Foundation

Production Studio, $30,000
   (Three available)

Entrance to Performance Hall, Don MacNaughton

Staff Portrait Wall, $10,000
Conference/Green Room, $25,000
Web/Video Multimedia Studio, $25,000

Technical Operations Center, $50,000
Elevator, $100,000
Electrical Room, $15,000
Emergency Power Generator, $15,000

Newsroom “Bullpen,” Washington Trust Bank

Intern/Community Production Area
   Spokane Teachers Credit Union

Volunteer Work Area, $25,000

Offices each
President/GM’s Office, $25,000
CFO’s Office, $25,000
Chief Engineer’s Shop, $25,000
Business Manager’s Office, $25,000
Membership Office, $25,000
Underwriting/Events Office, $25,000
Underwriting Offices, $25,000
   (Two available)
Operations Manager’s Office, $25,000
Production Director’s Office, $25,000
Program Director’s Office, $25,000
Marketing Office, $25,000
Multimedia Office, $25,000
Volunteer Coordinator Office, $25,000

Break Rooms, $15,000
   (Two available)
Conference Room
Recycling Centers
   Russ Nobbs, Rings & Things

Community Producer Storage Lockers, $2,500 
   1. Maggie Crabtree
   (One more available)
Indoor Bike Rack
   Norvel Trosst

Main Classical & Jazz CD Library
   Herb A & Billie Severtson

Classical Vinyl Library Leonard & Helen Byrne

Jazz Vinyl Library Charles Schlesinger

Blues Music CD Library, $10,000

Broadway CD Library, $10,000

World Music Vinyl Library, Reserved

World Music CD Library, Lila and George Girvin

Folk Music Vinyl Library, $10,000

Folk Music CD Library, $10,000

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