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Sergio MielniczenkoThis radio show, made possible by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, promotes the best Brazilian music and culture all around the world. The Cultural Sector of Brazil in Los Angeles created the Brazilian Hour Radio Program in 1978 to promote Brazilian music and culture in the United States.

The program was introduced at radio station KXLU-LA 88.9 FM on March 5th of that year. Streaming live at KXLU Saturdays and Sundays 9-10:00am (SPT). In 1981, the Brazilian Hour started a national distribution via satellite to all public stations in the United States. Also in 1981, the Brazilian Hour began its international distribution to Brazilian Diplomatic Missions and and Centers of Brazilian Studies (CEBs).

Currently the Brazilian Hour is produced in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French.The Brazilian Hour is written and produced by Sergio Mielniczenko/ Radio & Music - Cultural Affairs of the Brazilian Consulate General, Los Angeles.

About the host:
If not for Sergio Mielniczenko, the world of Brazilian music, to L.A.’s ears, might very well have been summed up in one sweet, albeit Muzak-worn samba: Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto’s beguiling 1964 recording. For nearly three decades, Mielniczenko has performed yeoman work as DJ, emcee, curator and general, all-around tastemaker, spreading the word of the breadth of Brazilian music.
Over the years, through a group of weekly radio shows—"The Brazilian Hour”, the now-defunct “Sounds of Brazil”, and “The Global Village”—on KXLU-FM, KPFK-FM, and beamed by satellite, he has presented, in his precise and placid Portuguese-accented English, the best of samba, bossa nova, música popular Brasileira, and Brazilian jazz. More importantly, however, he has coaxed L.A.’s listening audience around unexpected corners—and through regions, rituals, and artists who fall off well-trammeled paths of bossa nova or jazz samba. As these things go, he is more than a bit of a ubiquitous dignitary, floating from festivals to tucked-away clubs to living room jam sessions. 

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