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Exactly how it sounds. Production Director Patrick Klausen makes his pick of radio shows you might not hear otherwise.

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September 27, 2014
The Kitchen Sisters – Hidden Kitchens World

From Mafia kitchens in Sicily to Dissident Kitchens in the Soviet Union. From the seldom-heard saga of Turnspit Dogs in Medieval England to the little-known tale of "The Indiana Jones of the Plant World" who introduced exotic date palms from the Middle East to the Coachella Valley.
In Mexico, we travel to the town of Tequila to meet The Tequila Chamber of Commerce.  In France, we go underground into the world of Atomic Wine: a story of wine, war and counterfeiting. In Lisbon we uncover The Kiosk Strategy, a new kitchen vision to bring public culture back to the plazas of Portugal. In Sydney Aunty Beryl brings us to the first Aboriginal Cooking Academy in Australia.  And back in the U.S. we stop at The Chocolate University in Missouri and in Las Vegas we go prowling with The Food Detective.  (Distributed by PRX)

October 4, 2014
America Abroad - Rebroadcast: Women's Rights After the Arab Spring

The revolutions of the Arab Spring promised greater freedoms for the people of the Middle East. But while some freedoms have been gained, stability has been lost. In many cases, it's become more dangerous, especially for women. On this episode of America Abroad we will visit Egypt where under the newly adopted constitution, women are supposed to have equality in "all civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights."  We'll hear from Turkey as women are feeling the effects of newly empowered religious conservative parties as well as from women in Kuwait about their day to day lives. (Distributed by PRI)

October 11, 2014
American RadioWorks - The New Face of College

The 21st Century college student is likely to be older than traditional students.  She's more likely to be female, working and Hispanic or African-American.  She's more likely to be a mom. She's less likely to attend college full time or finish in four years. This American RadioWorks documentary explores how universities are adapting to their new students. (from APM)

October 18, 2014
Science on Human Frontiers – Brian Greene: Reimagining the Cosmos

A thrilling, mind-bending view of the cosmos and of the human adventure of modern science. In a conversation ranging from free will to the meaning of the Higgs boson particle, physicist Brian Greene suggests the deepest scientific realities are hidden from human senses and often defy our best intuition. (Part of a series of specials from PRI’s On Being)

October 25, 2014
American RadioWorks – Ready to Work: Reviving Vocational Ed

Vocational education was once a staple of American schooling, preparing some kids for blue-collar futures while others were put on a path to college. Today that kind of tracking smacks of classism. "College for all" is the new mantra. But not everyone wants to go to college, and nearly half of jobs don't require a bachelor’s degree. Many experts say it's time to bring career and technical education back. This American RadioWorks documentary explores how vocational education has changed and how it's re-shaping debates about the purpose of school. (from APM)

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