Frequently Asked Questions about the Moving to a Sound Future project

Answered by General Manager Cary Boyce

What happened to the old campaign?
In 2007, SPR launched a $10 million campaign to move into a building on Pacific Ave. in Downtown Spokane. When I arrived in September 2012, significant changes in the economy led me and SPR’s board of directors to reexamine initial 2007 capital campaign plans and $10 million budget. In light of new realities, we re-scaled the project to acquire and remodel a new station home to an achievable $5 million in five years. This timeline was greatly accelerated by matching grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and especially by a State of Washington Capital Grant which mandates that the project MUST be complete by June 2015. (This means fundraising must be completed asap to be sure we don’t miss, and that we fully leverage these and other funds.)
Due diligence in early 2013 also revealed the property we control on W. Pacific had lost one-third of its value during the recession. The opportunity was clear—we fielded an offer to buy that property outright at a more realistic value. These efforts were unsuccessful, but the availability of Fire Station No. 3 at 1229 N. Monroe surfaced during this process. We saved more than $200,000 on the purchase price, and several million dollars in new construction. The NEH and the State agreed: this is good stewardship, and the funds would follow the new vision.

New options? The Fire Station?
Yes. During this time, the vintage Fire Station No. 3 became available. With the assistance of a no-interest loan (from a listener like you!), our offer was accepted in May of 2013. We have about $1.6 million to go for the state match. We need to finish it up and complete our move soon.

It's a Fire Station. Does it have Fire Poles?
Yes! One is now named the Wyncote Foundation Fire Pole.  We have another that could be named after you or your group.  One caveat: rides may be restricted for insurance issues. But it’s a great, fun area in the new building.

What can I do?
Please give now. Call the station or email if you have other questions. Get a group of friends or colleagues together and put your name on something: a brick in the front walkway, a new sculpture by Harold Balazs, the General Manager's office. Imagine hearing interviews coming from the -YourFamilyName- Studio! The pledge can be paid over five years, and counts toward matching dollars.

Why bother?
We will double our physical space, and triple our production capacity. We need to grow our service, and we need a secure space to do it. It will also feature a beautiful performance/recording space for live broadcasts, recordings, forums, lectures, debates, films, and so on. We have several initiatives underway -- but we really need a new home to launch them. It will secure public radio service in our region and communities for generations to come.

When will you move in? What's your timeline?
May 1:  SPR takes possession of the building, remodeling begins
May 10: Come see the SPR Fire Station No. 3 for yourself at an Open House from noon-2p, at 1229 N. Monroe (Monroe & Sharp) in Spokane.
June 2: Groundbreaking Ceremony at 1 p.m. again at 1229 N. Monroe. Renovations begin in earnest.
January 2015: KPBX turns 35 years old, and the most substantial part of remodeling is finished.
End of June 2015: The fiscal year finishes as does SPR's time in the Hoban Building. We will be operational in the new facilities and positioned for the next era of public broadcasting service to the Inland Northwest! And thank you!
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