About the Moving to a Sound Future project

Spokane Public Radio is rehabilitating a historic Spokane treasure, Fire Station No. 3 on North Monroe and Sharp. It will provide a community hub with a state-of-the-art performing and recording studio. It will double working space and triple SPR’s production capacity. We will grow the news, arts coverage, and local programing you depend on. Your gift to the Moving to a Sound Future project will secure, build, and grow our service for generations to come.

This project attracts new dollars.
Matching funds from the State, federal money from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and a grant from the M.J. Murdock Trust are investing $1.75 million dollars in our Inland Northwest communities in matching funds. Every private dollar given today leverages another 45 cents.

Our total goal is $5 million, and time is short.
The State grant mandates the project’s completion by June 30, 2015. We must complete our state match—about $1.6 million—as soon as possible to help us meet construction obligations and deadlines. The time is now.

It’s not possible without you.
Your gifts and your vision for public radio help secure this essential service—now and for the future.

Here’s an idea...
We’re still looking for leadership and foundation dollars. But if each member pledges an additional 20 percent for five years (we can count a maximum of five-year pledges toward our match), that’s $1 million—and we’re almost home. Some folks can’t, and others are capable of much more.

While individually we can help, together we are mighty.
Please tell your friends. Name something together. Make a difference that will last for future generations. But we can’t skip NPR dues or the mortgage (which is interest-free, thanks to a listener like you). Dollars to this project must be “on top of,” and not “instead of” membership dollars that sustain operations.

Thank You! Each gift makes the world a little more informed, a little more aware—a little better.

And it’s just the beginning...

Dr. Cary Boyce, President and General Manager

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